Reporting A4 Report - Canvas Like / Skedler

Hello opensearch-community! :slight_smile:

i tried beta 1 and it all looks very clear and simple. One feature I personally still miss - the possibility to create reports in A4 format, which can be exported as PDF. It should work something like the Canvas feature - but I only use Kibana virtualizations, text fields and a few images.

Is such a feature planned or does it already exist and I just can’t find it? Or does anyone have an idea if there is any alternative to skedler?

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Have you looked at OpenSearch Reports?

(Indeed, moving this to the more relevant category)

Hi there,

thank you for your reply. I already looked into it, but it only allows to create a report based on Dashboard, Visualize, or Discover, or am I wrong?

I meant a feature like Canvas in Kibana to build a din a4 report with text and kibana visualizations in it. Is there anything planned?

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You have a few options.

If you want something super simple, you can create a Report and add a header or footer - you can put in some text in the header and footer along side a single visualization. Then you export to PDF.

The second thing you can do is create a dashboard with text (markdown) and a visualization. Then create the report based on this visualization.

The other option would be to create a report based on a Notebook. The notebooks are essentially markdown + visualizations. Then you use Reporting to export as a PDF. This would allow you some extra flexibility.