Remove the inspect/download option within a dashboard visualization

I am using version 1.7.0 opendistro for elasticsearch and Kibana.

On the Kibana dashboard page all the visualizations have an Options > Inspect > Download CSV > Formatted/ Raw CSV. Is there a way that I can remove the ability to download data from visualizations for a select set of users?

These users that should not have download access have been set up closely following: Users and Roles - Open Distro Documentation
The users are mapped to the built-in kibana_user, kibana_read_only and a custom_read_only index defined below:

“cluster_permissions”: [“cluster_composite_ops_ro” ],
“index_permissions”: [{
“index_patterns”: [
“dls”: “”,
“fls”: ,
“masked_fields”: ,
“allowed_actions”: [

My use case: The users still need to be able to search and access the data_index through metric and table visualizations.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.