Recommended value of pipeline.ecs_compatibility


We are using Opensearch 2.2 and Logstash 8.6.1 OSS, logstash-output-opensearch plugin version used = 2.0.1. Does Opensearch support this parameter as ECS is not supported in Opensearch ?

Is it advised to set pipeline.ecs_compatibility as disabled? What is the recommended value of this parameter?

@sanjay Hey, I’m running the same setup regarding Logstash and it doesn’t work if you don’t disable ecs_compatibility in pipeline, or, better in logstash.yml. I have this line in my logstash.yml

pipeline.ecs_compatibility: disabled

It can be strictly applied to pipeline outputs individualy or to the whole setup via logstash.yml
Basically ECS (Elastic Common Schema) is ElasticSearch exclusive I suppose:
Elasticsearch output plugin | Logstash Reference [8.6] | Elastic