Rare problem pthread_create failed with Filebeat-OSS

Dear community, I came here to ask about this strange problem Im facing.
Running any beat (tested with filebeat, auditbeat and metricbeat) in their OSS current versions (tested the 7.12.1 recommended in the documentation, and also latest OSS version). I got this error:

runtime/cgo: pthread_create failed: Operation not permitted
SIGABRT: abort
PC=0x7f61e1bd3a7c m=0 sigcode=18446744073709551610

goroutine 0 [idle]:
runtime: unknown pc 0x7f61e1bd3a7c
stack: frame={sp:0x7fff060e63c0, fp:0x0} stack=[0x7fff058e7a08,0x7fff060e6a40)
00007fff060e62c0:  0000000000000001  000000000316eb91 
00007fff060e62d0:  0000000000b6f9fa  0000000000000000 
00007fff060e62e0:  0000000000000000  0000000003f324c0 
00007fff060e62f0:  000000000316eb58  00007fff060e6388 
00007fff060e6300:  0000000000f0877b <runtime.scanframeworker+155>  00007fff060e6628 
00007fff060e6310:  00007fff060e6710  0000000002c76f00 
00007fff060e6320:  0000000000000000  0000000000f1b6b2 <runtime.netpoll+146> 
00007fff060e6330:  0000000000f1b6b2 <runtime.netpoll+146>  00007fff00000003 
00007fff060e6340:  00007fff060e6380  0000000000000080 

goroutine 1 [runnable]:
	/usr/local/go/src/runtime/sigqueue.go:216 +0x72
	/usr/local/go/src/os/signal/signal.go:144 +0x88
os/signal.Notify(0xc00037ec00, 0xc000639280, 0x3, 0x3)
	/usr/local/go/src/os/signal/signal.go:164 +0x162
github.com/elastic/beats/v7/libbeat/service.HandleSignals(0xc0001bcec0, 0xc00051ea00)
	/go/src/github.com/elastic/beats/libbeat/service/service.go:48 +0x125
github.com/elastic/beats/v7/libbeat/cmd/instance.(*Beat).launch(0xc00041a840, 0x2b7143a, 0x8, 0x2b7143a, 0x8, 0x0, 0x0, 0x1, 0x0, 0x0, ...)
	/go/src/github.com/elastic/beats/libbeat/cmd/instance/beat.go:461 +0x62d


Tested in Debian 12 and Ubuntu 22 server.

But, I am able to run normally without any errors the Filebeat 8.10.2 from Elastic (non OSS, and I guess non compatible with Opensearch).
Any idea?

I found similar topics in forums, but no any clear solution:



Hey @juan_cobalt

Im was running filebeat/winlogbeat on Ubuntu-22.0.4 from here

I since upgrade to version 8 on both. Not noticing any issues yet

Can you show your configurations for Filebeat? And how did you install it?

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