Query on opensearch security authetication/authorization

I am using Opensearch, opensearch dashboards 2.9.0 version. Below is my query.
Is it possible to completely disable authentication and authorization from security plugin and still access opensearch cluster? (I know there is something called anonymous_authentication, but couldn’t find how configure roles/users for the same?)
Apart from this are there any possibility to disable authentication and authorization?
If yes please let me know about it.

Hi @chaitra

Could you please clarify if you are looking for something that allows everybody to have access to your cluster?

Basically i want to install opensearch cluster with TLS certificates and turn off authentication/authorization. Is it possible?


Hi Chaitra,

Could you please elaborate on the user flow you are trying to achieve?

Are you trying to enable users to access Dashboards or use OpenSearch by any other means?
Am I correct to assume you still want to configure roles/users? If yes, how are you planning to identify users without authentication?

You could employ JWT for seamless authentication/authorizatio - please refer below for more details: