Opensearch Dashboards missing security options

Hello all,
I have installed OpenSearch and OpenSearch Dashboards, 1.1.0 version with the security plugin on Debian 11. using the tarball installation.

I have configured custom selfsigned certificates for intercluster communication and Authentication/Authorization via internal users & LDAP users.

However, I see no ‘Security’ tab/section in Opensearch Dashboards, hence I cannot for example create users via webUI as stated in the documentation here

can you run a GET /_cat/plugins and confirm security is there?

My instinct is that your user doesn’t have the right permissions.

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Ok, my bad.
After trying and failing to create users/roles via the rest API, I realized I hadn’t set

 opendistro_security.restapi.roles_enabled: [“all_access”, “security_rest_api_access”]

Once I enabled the above in the opensearch.yml and restarted the service, Security section appeared.

I think this option must be noted earlier in the documentation… unless it is and I missed it.

Thanks for the instant response searchymcsearchface

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That’s a worth while call out about documentation. I took a glance and it’s not straight forward in the docs.

I’m sure the docs team would be open to hearing the feedback:

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