Query about compatibility.override_main_response_version setting removal


As per Breaking Changes - OpenSearch documentation , compatibility.override_main_response_version setting was removed in v2.0.0 and then was added back in v2.0.1 https://github.com/opensearch-project/OpenSearch/blob/main/release-notes/opensearch.release-notes-2.0.1.md .
Please confirm if there is any plan of removing it before v3.x or what is the expected version where this setting will be removed.

Thanks in advance.

Hey @Pratiksha, looking over the notes it was just deprecated not removed yet. The process we use to remove API’s is to deprecate them to give everyone a heads up that it will be removed in the next major version. That way people have plenty of heads up before the API’s are removed.

@Pratiksha you are correct, the option was removed in 2.0.0 and re-added in v2.0.1.

I asked this question as well during a community meeting and was assured it would be removed no earlier than 3.0.0. Regardless, I no longer need the feature at this point. I was able to remove ES client dependencies.

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