Policy for a set of rolled-over indices


we use ODFE with a hot/warm/delete policy. The policy works fine for every rolled-over index. To avoid disk space issues we’d like to have a policy where the sum of all data stored in a set of rolled-over indices can be used to trigger a deletion of the oldest index.

Is there a possibility to configure such a behaviour?

Thanks in advance for an answer,

Hey @odfemdietz,

Is something like this what you’re looking for (read full comments)?

It’s not currently available, but if that’s what you’re looking for please +1 and/or reply so we can keep track of the requests for it.


Hi @dbbaughe,

thanks for your response. The issue sounds exact like what I’m looking for. Have subscribed and thumbed-up the solution request from @drock.

Cheers and keep well,