How to create a policy for hot/ultrawarm/delete for for weekly indices

Hello all,
I have a cluster in with ultrawarm nodes. All the indices I have are weekly (nameoftheindex-2021-45). I would like to create a policy which moves some indice (by using wildcard) from hot to ultrawarm after 4 weeks and then deleted after 8. While other indices are moved from hot to ultrawarm after 2 weeks and then delete after 4. I don’t need ism to rollover the indices as they are already being done weekly.
Could someone guide me how can I go about this? Do I need to create two policies and how to attach these policies to existing indices as the indices are in hundreds.

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below doc should help you get started

you can use ism without rollover action. please try to follow the doc and you should be able to do what you have described above. if you are facing issues, please report back exact error