Plugin:opendistro_security@7.4.2 Tenant indices migration failed

I’ve installed opendistroforelasticsearch-kibana-1.4.0-1 to work with the ES cluster (7.4) and got an error below. How can I fix this issue?

Kibana status is Yellow

Plugin status

BUILD 26506 COMMIT d7f39418

ID Status
plugin:kibana@7.4.2 Ready
plugin:elasticsearch@7.4.2 Ready
plugin:opendistro-alerting@ Ready
plugin:opendistro_index_management_kibana@ Ready
plugin:opendistro_security@7.4.2 Tenant indices migration failed
plugin:apm_oss@7.4.2 Ready
plugin:console@7.4.2 Ready
plugin:data@7.4.2 Ready
plugin:interpreter@7.4.2 Ready
plugin:kibana_react@7.4.2 Ready
plugin:visualizations@7.4.2 Ready
plugin:metrics@7.4.2 Ready
plugin:region_map@7.4.2 Ready
plugin:tile_map@7.4.2 Ready
plugin:timelion@7.4.2 Ready
plugin:ui_metric@7.4.2 Ready
plugin:markdown_vis@7.4.2 Ready
plugin:metric_vis@7.4.2 Ready
plugin:table_vis@7.4.2 Ready
plugin:tagcloud@7.4.2 Ready
plugin:vega@7.4.2 Ready

It worked after I commented 2 lines:
#opendistro_security.multitenancy.enabled: true
#opendistro_security.multitenancy.tenants.preferred: [“Private”, “Global”]

The problem could be a reindex issue:
“description” : “reindex from [.kibana_1] to [.kibana_1_2][_doc]”,

Hi Daniel,
Thanks for the update. We are facing same issue but we cannot disable the multi tenancy feature in our cluster.
Any other work around ?