Performance analyzer not showing metrics


I installed the performance analyzer using npm and I see that the modules have been installed.
I am also able to view the dashboard using the perf-top executables but for some reason the graphs are not getting generated.

I have also verified that the data is getting generated under the default path in the properties file “/dev/shm/performanceanalyzer/”.

Any ideas on how to debug why the performance analyzer process is not running?
When I run the curl command, I get a “curl: (7) couldn’t connect to host” but ES and Kibana are running.

Thank u!


The perf-top app installed by npm connects to a performance analyzer java application. Can you check if the PerformanceAnalyzer java application is running by doing a “ps”? The logs from the performance analyzer process should be available in the /tmp directory. Also, did you use rpm to install performance analyzer or are you using a docker container?


Hi @adithyac thanks for getting back to me.
How can I start the performance analyzer?
I am trying to grep for performanceanalyzer and I don’t think its running
ps aux | grep performanceanalyzer
42100 10763 0.0 0.0 103324 876 pts/2 S+ 18:47 0:00 grep performanceanalyzer

I am not using docker and yes it was installed using rpm (PA was automatically installed when we installed ES)

You can manually start PA by running the excutable at “plugins/opendistro_performance_analyzer/pa_bin/performance_analyzer_agent”. The executable expects ES_HOME and JAVA_HOME as environment variables.

What version of opendistro are you using? We will try to double check why the rpm is not starting PA on our end as well.