OpenSearch .Net Client


I could not find any plans for a .Net client (apart from this blog post).

Is there a roadmap for migrating this?


Bumping this. Could someone perhaps create fork in the opensearch repo of 7.14 NEST clientt? Perhaps it will invite contributions…

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Correction: 7.13.2 should be the last compatible version.

Seconding this one, it’s the major reason we’re not moving from Opendistro to Opensearch for now

Hey, any updates on this one?
Pinging @searchymcsearchface, since you’re pretty much the face of OS ATM (pun intended)
Jokes aside, this is actually makes us and a few of the organizations we work with a bit worried, would love some transparency on the issues here, be they lack of devs with the language proficiency or just simply lack of time.

Here is the low-down on the .net client:

  1. There is a nominally forked .net client sitting as ‘private’ in our github repo, so we’re committed to it.
  2. All the clients are a matter of prioritization. Different teams are tackling different clients, but the work has to be in the scope of everything else OpenSearch, so it’s zero sum.
  3. No one has stepped up to help maintain the .net client :frowning: A community maintainer honestly has a big accelerating effect, even if the new maintainer can’t devote a ton of time.

If I were to venture a guess, we’re realistically 2-3 months away from .net being ready.

As always, I pass on the urgency of this to the folks making the prioritization so more voices here do tend push it a bit.


What would be required of the maintainer?
How much time is “can’t devote a ton of time”?
I am asking because the project is important enough for our company, but we tend to get swept up a bit in deadlines and I am guessing consistency would be must.

opening the git up would probably help a bit in finding the maintainer, or getting some help at the very least :slightly_smiling_face:

The role of a maintainer varies but it’s about issue maintenance, contact triage, forming the roadmap, code review, etc. It’s of course awesome if you can devote a lot of time but someone checking in 2-3 times a week to triage issues is pretty reasonable. I don’t think there is an expectation that there is solid time every week where new code is pushed. When there are changes to OpenSearch, it would be good to have more time devoted (e.g. major version changes, etc.), but that’s something you’ll have lots of warning on and I think everyone understands ups/downs of primary jobs.

We’d love to have you - DM me and I can connect you with some of specific engineers about it.

University of Washington would like to nudge this also. We’ve been evaluating a vended solution to our Elastic usage but the lack of a NEST equivalent has grinded this to a halt with the fork of ES. Our specific usage is heavy C#/.net and would love to know AWS has a plan for supporting a OpenSearch .Net client longterm. Thank you Mr. McSearchface (@searchymcsearchface).

(Sorry for the delay, just getting back from the holidays)
Yeah, like all of the client libs, the commitment is not short term. Ideally the team would love to have a partner in guiding the development - that will really drive the advancement of the library.

Hey, team! I’m investigating the effort amount to switch application from NEST + ES to OCS + OpenSearch. Can’t see any OCS NuGet package at the moment. Am I right there were no public releases yet? And so far I need to build source codes to use OCS, don’t I?

Correct. It will go to package managers once it’s GA. Right now consider it alpha stage.

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Hey There!

Just poking for an update on an estimate of how far away the client is from being available on Nuget?


We’re tracking it here.

Internally, I know there was a discussion of using the AWS account for this or a new OpenSearch account (OpenSearch was the way to go), so I know we are getting close. Let me follow up with folks and see if there is a better timeline.

FYI, for anyone looking for this, the client is now released no Nuget.