Opensearch JavaScript client

Is there any plan to support SAML authentication to the OpenSearch JavaScript client?
I mean, implementing an API similar to the existing elasticsearch nodejs client.

If not.
Is there a way to authenticate users with elasticserach nodejs client using SAML, as the elasticsearch nodejs version 7.13 doesn’t have the SAML APIs mentioned above.

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First question: IDK.

Second question: I haven’t tried this but I would assume that if you trust the client, it should be possible to use proxy-based authentication. Proxy-based authentication - OpenSearch documentation

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Thanks, @oscark .
Yes, it looks promising. I am going to check if I can integrate it into our solution.

@clenkiu Please create github issue for feature request on supporting SAML authentication in the OpenSearch JavaScript client
Repo: GitHub - opensearch-project/opensearch-js: Node.js Client for OpenSearch

I created the following issue: