Opensearch xpack

Im getting below configure ldap saml on single node opensearch

opensearch-node1 | java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: unknown setting [] please check that any required plugins are installed, or check the breaking changes documentation for removed settings
opensearch-node1 | at org.opensearch.common.settings.AbstractScopedSettings.validate(

[opensearch@860c943c7464 plugins]$ ls
opensearch-alerting opensearch-job-scheduler opensearch-observability
opensearch-anomaly-detection opensearch-knn opensearch-performance-analyzer
opensearch-asynchronous-search opensearch-ml opensearch-reports-scheduler
opensearch-cross-cluster-replication opensearch-notifications opensearch-security
opensearch-index-management opensearch-notifications-core opensearch-sql
[opensearch@860c943c7464 plugins]$ opensearch-plugin -v install x-pack
→ Installing x-pack
→ Failed installing x-pack
→ Rolling back x-pack
→ Rolled back x-pack
A tool for managing installed opensearch plugins

Non-option arguments:
[String] – command

Option Description

-E Configure a setting
-h, --help Show help
-s, --silent Show minimal output
-v, --verbose Show verbose output
ERROR: Unknown plugin x-pack
[opensearch@860c943c7464 plugins]$

I don’t think you’ll want to install X-pack on OpenSearch, that’s an Elasticsearch plugin.

OpenSearch has its own security plugin, these are the docs for SAML: SAML - OpenSearch documentation