OpenSearch - IOException[No space left on device] - kubernetes

Hi Team,

OpenSearch master pod was running fine, but now it has started showing 1/2 ready - with an error - OpenSearchException[failed to load metadata]; nested: IOException[No space left on device]

Is It because we have exceeded the hard disk memory?

  • If yes, Can you please help me out on how to clear data

Currently opensearch is not getting deployed because of the memory error(Can not use dashboard or GET/POST command), I need to delete some memory first - But i’m not sure of the storage structure of opensearch, so where should I go and delete the index data content ?


this isn’t about memory (RAM) but about disk space (storage). you shouldn’t manually delete opensearch related files as that’ll just break your deployment.

either increase the allotted storage in kubernetes or delete indices / data in indices using the appropriate REST actions (of course only delete what you don’t need anymore…).