OpenSearch Community Meeting - 2024-0213

OpenSearch Community Meeting - 2024-0213 - Hope we see you all there!


  • Searchable snapshots and Instaclustr’s (NetApp) recent release - Alex Bunday, Arran Dengate
  • User Behavior Logging - follow up from the Jan 30 Community Meeting & [Vote] User Behavior Logging and Insights request for final input - Eric Pugh, @macrakis

Date: Tue, February 13, 2024
Time: 03:00 PM PT (UTC -7)

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Chat log:

00:28:33 Nathan Boot: Nice.
00:40:12 Nathan Boot: Thanks for making it Stavros!
00:42:06 David Tippett (He/Him): Searchable Snapshots Now Available for OpenSearch® on the Instaclustr Managed Platform - Instaclustr
OpenSearch Searchable Snapshots - Instaclustr
00:42:43 David Tippett (He/Him): There are two links there if that wasn’t apparent:
Searchable Snapshots Now Available for OpenSearch® on the Instaclustr Managed Platform - Instaclustr
00:42:47 David Tippett (He/Him): OpenSearch Searchable Snapshots - Instaclustr
00:49:22 Stavros Macrakis: Yes, Eric will be cohost. In any case, I can’t seem to unmute…
00:50:43 David Tippett (He/Him): RFC for those interested: [RFC] Search User Behavior Logging and Data Reuse for Relevance · Issue #4619 · opensearch-project/OpenSearch · GitHub
00:50:45 Stavros Macrakis: I’m going to disconnect and reconnect.
00:51:08 David Tippett (He/Him): Reacted to “I’m going to disconn…” with :+1:
00:51:21 David Tippett (He/Him): Vote Here: [Vote] User Behavior Logging and Insights
00:56:20 James McIntyre: Thanks Eric!
00:56:27 Stavros Macrakis: Could you put the voting URL in the chat?
00:56:35 Eric Pugh: [Vote] User Behavior Logging and Insights
00:57:10 Arjun Rajshekhar: Rock the vote!
00:57:54 David Tippett (He/Him): [RELEASE] Release version 2.12.0 · Issue #4115 · opensearch-project/opensearch-build · GitHub
00:58:51 Eric Pugh: Reacted to “Rock the vote!” with :+1:
00:59:50 David Tippett (He/Him): [PROPOSAL] Finalize 2024 release schedule for OpenSearch · Issue #186 · opensearch-project/.github · GitHub
01:00:46 Simeon Widdis: We can only release in march because it rhymes with search
01:00:58 Eric Pugh: Reacted to “We can only release …” with :crazy_face:
01:01:03 Arjun Rajshekhar: Reacted to “We can only release …” with :crazy_face:
01:01:10 Andriy Redko: Reacted to “We can only release …” with :crazy_face:
01:01:48 James McIntyre: wow