OpenSearch Community Meeting - 2024-0409

OpenSearch Community Meeting - 2024-0409 - Hope we see you all there!


  • Ken Hamric with Tracetest
  • Extending the value of your OpenSearch based OTel Visibility to Testing.

Date: Tue, April 9, 2024
Time: 03:00 PM PT (UTC -7)

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Meeting ID: 894 2535 2972
Passcode: 239444

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@kris @nateynate

Hey folks, I have a late addition to the agenda if possible:

I’d like to discuss a proposal for standardizing cross-module/plugin interactions which sprung out of an issue I am facing deploying a custom version of OpenSearch.

Chat log:
00:32:20 Kris Freedain: Register now! We hope to see you there
00:32:50 Kris Freedain: We’ve started to announce sessions OpenSearchCon 2024: Europe Session Lineup · OpenSearch
00:33:16 Kris Freedain: Seattle User Group - April 15 Login to Meetup | Meetup
00:33:52 Kris Freedain: OpenSearch 2.13!!! OpenSearch 2.13 is ready for download! · OpenSearch
00:40:44 Nathan Boot: :rofl:
00:43:42 Nathan Boot: OpenSEarch should be first.
00:44:54 Nathan Boot: Just for posterity. :slight_smile:
00:47:01 Nathan Boot: You actuall said it perfect. :slight_smile:
00:47:16 Oscar Reyes: Charizard >
00:55:45 ken: Reacted to “You actuall said it …” with :tada:
00:55:51 ken: Reacted to “OpenSEarch should be…” with :+1:
01:00:40 ken:
01:03:26 Kris Freedain: Issue search results · GitHub
01:08:29 Nathan Boot: Doing it from the dev console is hard. I love seeing this.
01:11:00 Nathan Boot: :popcorn:
01:11:46 lior perry: Which core API are supported today in the workflow ?
01:15:21 Owais: We support create index for now but soon we have plan to support any external REST API. Our initial focus was for ML APIs

01:17:29 Nathan Boot: So nice - you don’t have to look up the results of ‘tasks’ to get your model ID’s
01:18:05 Nathan Boot: Don’t forget to check out the link for all of our open RFC’s that need input!
01:19:28 Owais: Configurable automation for OpenSearch ML use cases · OpenSearch
01:19:28 ken: You nailed it!
01:19:32 Frank Dattalo: :skull: