OpenSearch 1.1.0 Release

OpenSearch 1.1.0 was due out on Sept 14th. Guess what? That’s tomorrow and it’s not happening!

The team needs a little extra breathing room for additional testing and fixing any issues that might consequently arise. Stay tuned to this thread for updates, things are changing by the hour - as soon as I know something, you’ll know it.


I have a release date for you! The roadmap for OpenSearch 1.1.0 includes the widely-requested Cross Cluster Replication (CCR) plugin. It’s critical to get this feature right at release; the implementation of CCR is not trivial, and the development team needed to take some more time to make the testing rock-solid and nail the documentation. This will take a couple of weeks so the released date is now Oct 5th, 2021 .

Additionally, this time will allow for a few extra bits to be included in the 1.1.0 release including updating dependencies for OpenSearch Dashboards to pick up some bug fixes, a tweak to the role names in the security plugin and cross-plugin standardization chores. It’s like getting an extra patch release as a bonus.

The rest of the roadmap will not be affected by this change and you can look forward to the launch of OpenSearch 1.2.0 on November 9.