OpenDistro APIs returning 404


I am having an issue where I need to have user management through the provided product APIs (mainly but not only, the users API) and they don’t seem to be working.

Whenever I try to send API calls (I’m using Postman) I always get a “404 Not Found” as response. What I find odd is that if I don’t send the auth credentials with the request I get a “401 Unauthorized”, which appears to be correctly validated on the application side and, therefore, “something” is working.

I have looked for possible configurations that I could be missing, but I have found only configurations for limiting access to the APIs in OpenDistro’s documentation. Given that I’m always using a user with admin privileges, I figured it shouldn’t be something related to lack of permissions. If I’m wrong about that and someone can point me to the correct link, it would already be very helpful.

If there’s any resource or config file that I could provide to help with comprehending the problem, just let me know!

Couple of things:
You are you sending requests to OpenSearch not OpenSearch Dashboard?
Do you have some proxy in between that filters some of the URLs?
I haven’t used Postman, are you sure that Postman actually returns the raw results?
Have you verified your API call in the Dev Tool or with curl ?
What API call are you having issues with?

Thanks for the input, oscark!

In fact, you had it right in the first guess. I was trying to send the API calls to the dashboard port, not the back-end application port. This is also going through a load balancer that will have to be adjusted, but I was able to send a curl directly to one of the machines and to the correct port and got the proper response.