API Connection Problem

Hello everyone,

I am new to the Opensearch world.

I currently have the latest version of Opensearch running on our system. Everything works great and I have already been able to work with our data.

Now I wanted to test a few things via the API. For this purpose I use “Postman”.

My URL where Opensearch is running is:


Now I have tried the following with Postman to test the search:


“product” is my index where our eCommerce data is

The authorization in Postman is set to Basic_Auth and I have
used my admin access.

But no matter what I do I get this message:
“statusCode”: 404,
“error”: “Not Found”,
“message”: “Not Found”

I have already spent hours with the documentation but have not managed to find a solution here.

Can someone please help me what the error is here?

Thank you very much.

Hi @sunnyblue,

First of all, welcome to the community.
What port(s) are you using for your OpenSearch cluster?