Open Distro for Elasticsearch 1.11.0 released

We are pleased to announce the release of Open Distro for Elasticsearch 1.11.0 that can be downloaded here.

Release Highlights

  • Piped Processing Language (PPL) lets you explore, discover, and find data stored in Elasticsearch using a set of commands delimited by pipes (“|”). PPL extends Elasticsearch to support a standard set of commands and functions.
  • High cardinality support in Anomaly Detection provides granular insights from high-volume log streams by identifying and isolating anomalies to unique entities like hostnames or IP addresses.
  • With fine grained access control support for Anomaly Detection and Alerting, you can now delegate permissions to non-administrative users to access and configure these plug-ins.
  • With window functions in SQL, you can define a frame or window of rows with a given length around the current row, and performs a calculation across the set of data in the window.
  • Custom scoring in k-NN enables complex pre-filtering of your documents and dynamic application of k-NN on the filtered documents to improve the similarity search results.
  • Kibana Notebooks provides you with an ability to interactively and collaboratively develop rich reports backed by live data. Common use cases for notebooks include creating postmortem reports, designing run books, building live infrastructure reports, or even documentation.

See the 1.11.0 release notes for a complete list of new features, enhancements, and bug fixes.

Also, read the release blog post for more release details.

Happy downloading!

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