Open distro build with plugins

Dear Opendistro developers,

My objective is to perform a build of the opendistro kibana and elasticsearch docker images. I have the following questions.

  1. opendistro-for-elasticsearch/opendistro-build seems to be the right project to do that. Is it right?
  2. I managed to perform a build without plugins. Now I need to add plugins. I came to the conclusion that I need first to execute the two scripts at the root of the project, namely and It is necessary to downlad the plugin to the right location in the project. Is is right? Therefore I need to configure my environment with AWS credentials. Is it right? For this I need to create my own AWS account. Is this right?
  3. Is it the only procedure? Or is there any other simple procedure without credentials?
  4. I did not find explicit documentations on the steps I need to take to build the docker images. Is such documentation available somewhere?

I have found another post with #378 on the github forum on the same issue:

Issue #378 was closed in october but I am still interested in a solution.

Thanks in advance

Best regards

  1. Right
  2. It is our AWS account that has access to our production S3 bucket. Even though you create AWS account you will not have permission to access it directly. Like I said in that github thread, we are working on a solution for building distros on local, but would take some time now.
  3. There are many other procedures that is why I said the structure is very closely coupled with each other in github thread, not a great practice so we are in the progress trying to make it simpler.
  4. There is currently no documentation on that, nor did we mention that it would work without the integration of our credentials and accounts. As of now, we have not release the feature to allow user to run everything from their local yet, please be patient and wait until we get everything sorted out.

We apologize for the inconvinience you experience.


Hi @zhujiaxi

Thanks a lot for your helpful reply. We are progressing and we are close to reaching a solution now.

Best regards.

Hi! wanted to clarify, has the situation with the local build of docker images changed? If so, where can I get information?

Hi @stek0v we are currently working on refactoring a lot of our scripts.
We will make them available once they are ready.

Please check out our roadmap for any progress on new features: ODFE-Roadmap | | · GitHub

Please checkout out our build repo for any related updates on building ODFE artifacts: GitHub - opendistro-for-elasticsearch/opendistro-build: 🧰 Open Distro for Elasticsearch Build Scripts