Not able to query string when selected timestamp as 30 days in opensearch-dashboards

Versions (relevant - OpenSearch/Dashboard/Server OS/Browser):


Describe the issue:

Searching a string in Opensearch-Dashboard when 30 days are selected, throws a null pointer exception

If we set the timestamp as today and search a string, we see the logs but
If we set the timestamp as 30 days or more and search a string, it shows a null pointer

Logs from Opensearch:

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: transport content length received [698.1mb] exceeded [307.1mb]
        at org.opensearch.transport.TcpTransport.readHeaderBuffer( ~[opensearch-2.7.0.jar:2.7.0]
        at org.opensearch.transport.TcpTransport.readMessageLength( ~[opensearch-2.7.0.jar:2.7.0]
        at org.opensearch.transport.InboundDecoder.internalDecode( ~[opensearch-2.7.0.jar:2.7.0]
        at org.opensearch.transport.InboundDecoder.decode( ~[opensearch-2.7.0.jar:2.7.0]
        at org.opensearch.transport.InboundPipeline.doHandleBytes( ~[opensearch-2.7.0.jar:2.7.0]
        at org.opensearch.transport.InboundPipeline.handleBytes( ~[opensearch-2.7.0.jar:2.7.0]
        at org.opensearch.transport.netty4.Netty4MessageChannelHandler.channelRead( ~[transport-netty4-client-2.7.0.jar:2.7.0]

@shubtiwa Do you get the same response when you use an API with curl directly on the OpenSearch node?
How many documents, roughly, do you expect to see?
How many nodes in the cluster do you have?