Not able to find host from docker build

Versions (relevant - OpenSearch/Dashboard/Server OS/Browser):
I downloaded the git of opensearch-dashboard main (3.0.0)

Describe the issue:
when I build with yarn build --docker everything goes fine, until I try to start it with docker compose up and it crashes.
(sorry for my English, I’m Italian but trying my best)

I modified the script that autogenerate the docker file from centos:8 to rockylinux:8.8
I imported all the plugins.
Modified inside anomaly detection, just the max number of features from 5 to 10.

#image: opensearchproject/opensearch-dashboards:latest
image: docker.opensearch. org/opensearch-dashboards/opensearch-dashboards:3.0.0-SNAPSHOT
container_name: opensearch-dashboards
- 5601:5601
- “5601”
- OPENSEARCH_HOSTS=[“http s://opensearch -node1:9200”,“http s://opensearch -node2:9200”]
- opensearch-net

If I change the image (setting the commented one) everything goes fine, but the moment I put the other one it gives me the error down below. To me, seems like it isn’t able to get the ENV variables.
I don’t know what I have forgot to modify or configure. I hope someone can help me.

Another thing that I had to do for compatibility reason was modify a lot of versions inside the various plugins since otherwise yarn would give me “ERROR: single dependency problem” or something like that, and then list all the conflicting versions of the various plugins.

Relevant Logs or Screenshots:

FATAL Error: Invalid server options { [4/1891]
“port”: 5601,
“routes”: {
“cache”: {
“privacy”: “private”,
“otherwise”: “private, no-cache, no-store, must-revalidate”
“cors”: false,
“payload”: {
“maxBytes”: 1048576
“validate”: {
“failAction”: function defaultValidationErrorHandler(request, h, err) {\n // Newer versions of Joi don’t format the key for missing params the same way. This shim\n // provides backw
ards compatibility. Unfortunately, Joi doesn’t export it’s own Error class\n // in JS so we have to rely on the name key before we can cast it.\n //\n // The Hapi code we’re ‘overwritin
g’ can be found here:\n // https://github. com/hapijs/hapi/blob/master/lib/validation.js#L102\n if (err && === ‘ValidationError’ && err.hasOwnProperty(‘output’)) {\n const v
alidationError = err;\n const validationKeys = ;\n validationError.details.forEach(detail => {\n if (detail.path.length > 0) {\n validationKeys.push(_hoek.default.escapeH
tml(detail.path.join(‘.’)));\n } else {\n // If no path, use the value sigil to signal the entire value had an issue.\n validationKeys.push(‘value’);\n }\n });\n
validationError.output.payload.validation.keys = validationKeys;\n }\n throw err;\n},
“options”: {
“abortEarly”: false
“payload”: “[value => Promise.resolve((0, _prototype_pollution.validateObject)(value))]”
“state”: {
“strictHeader”: false,
“isHttpOnly”: true,
“isSameSite”: false
“app”: {},
“host” [1]: “0”
[1] “host” must be a valid hostname

I had to place some splaces in url links since otherwise it wouldn’t let me upload the post.

@mcdeamon7 What is the
With opensearchproject/opensearch-dashboards:latest docker-compose pulls the latest version of the officially released OpenSearch Dashboards image from (Docker)

You’ve mentioned yarn in your post. Where did you push that image? Is it your local repository?

i was able to make it work, the automatic building made “0”
inside opensearch_dashboards.yml
now at least it boots and connect to the hosts, but gives me internal server, so i belive there is a problem in the building process, i will search on the forum a tutorial to build it properly from source with all the plugins
thx for the help :slight_smile: