Need configuration to enable disable same site cookie option in the Kibana 7.10.2 version

Hello team,

I need some configuration to enable/disable the same-site cookie in opendistro version elastic and kibana configurations,because unable to open the kibana with in the same ,it was opening in new tab each and every time.


Hey @wazuhsai

Could describe the problem or what you are trying to accomplish with a little more detail? I can’t quite understand the last bit about new tabs.


If we integrate the kibana login page ,in to an other site and try to open means it was unable to open in that site’s iframe
But the same kibana URL with ,in this case able to open the login page and able to access the GUI Of kibana 7.10.2 version

Requirement : If we open the kibana as an embedded in to another sites iframe in that case it should open load with in the iframe as similar to 7.9.1 ODFE but that features is not working in this 7.10.2 ODFE

I think I responded to your question in other thread you started given the detail of the iframe.