Multi_mysql not pushing data to ELK 9

I have multiple mysql instances running on my server, is it possible to get data from these mysql instances to ELK dashboard ? if yes then how can i do that, I am using meatcbeat as of now and able to get data from single instance default port 3306

Also when i am getting data of mysql multiple ports how can i visualise on kibana ?
my mysql.yml looks like this:

cat mysql.yml

  • module: mysql

    • status

    - galera_status

    period: 10s

    Host DSN should be defined as “user:pass@tcp(”

    The username and password can either be set in the DSN or using the username

    and password config options. Those specified in the DSN take precedence.

    hosts: [“user:pass@tcp(”“]
    hosts: [“user:pass@tcp(””]
    hosts: [“user:pass@tcp(”"]