Moving from regular elasticsearch

Is there any document planned for best way to migrate from regular elasticsearch?

Currently I manage an internal cluster (POC purposes) using the following:

  1. Installation is directly done from the source. No prebuilt binary is used.
  2. Search guard community version is used for security.

From the OpenDistro docs the only download option I see are the RPM, Debian or Docker version. We cannot use Docker as the POC cluster hosts are Redhat servers and being a POC we cannot use Docker EE. I could not find any way to download OpenDistro source as tar.gz like elasticsearch provides.

So I think the best way for me would be to use the standalone plugins. Is this correct?
Also is there a way I can replace searchguard with the security plugin here as the discussion here states that it is based on the plugin. I only use the Community version so don’t need the enterprise licenses for the POC cluster.

Can you use the zip files? Standalone Elasticsearch Plugin Install - Open Distro Documentation


Yes. I definitely can use the zip files.

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