Unkown plugin error, elastic version 7.3.2

Hello everyone,

I am trying to install security only plugin to our existing elastic cluster for ldap integration and auditing purposes. However, when I try to install the plugin I get the error

ERROR: Unknown plugin opendistro_security-1.3.00.zip

The only issue I can think of is that we are running the basic version of elastic, not the open source one. Forgive my ignorance as this might sound obvious but is that the reason?

We are currently on elasticsearch version 7.3.2. and trying to install opendistro_security- plugin.

Hi @ciyaresh, typically it’s as simple as running sudo bin/elasticsearch-plugin install https://d3g5vo6xdbdb9a.cloudfront.net/downloads/elasticsearch-plugins/opendistro-security/opendistro_security- on a cluster that’s running the appropriate ES version.

We don’t test the basic version, only the OSS version, so that could definitely be the problem, as well. If you get the security plugin to install, I’m not sure how it will behave with the proprietary plugins.

I’d double-check your ES version and the install command. If it’s not a version problem or typo, try spinning up an OSS cluster and seeing if the plugin install works as expected.

Hi @aetter, I was able to get it working eventually using the “file:” switch as I had downloaded the plugin and moved into the system manually. As downloading from that system would have required a proxy whitelisting in place, which it did not have. I can confirm it does work with the basic elastic version but of course I had to disable the x-pack features.

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