Moving from ElasticSearch to OpenSearch questions


Approx a couple of weeks ago we wanted to upgrade our ElasticSearch from 7.3.1 to a newer version. The consultancy firm suggested we move to OpenSearch 7.10.0 and we said ok

The consultancy firm demanded a new cluster had to be created with subsequent change of URL was a must ( meaning all out customers will now have to change URL to use our service). I this reasonable?

Then when data was migrated from the old cluster to this new the consultancy said we need to verify the data for 30 days before customers can use it. I could not belive my ears. If the data is migrated then it should be ready to use. Right?

My questions to this forum, since I lack the knowledge, are:

  1. Do we have to change the URL for each upgrade?
  2. Is it reasonable to wait 30 days before end-users can use data? Besides what can we do after it is migrated?



1) Which URL are you talking about ?

If I understand correctly, I think he proposed you the solution of Blue/Green infrastructure :

  • Your older Elasticsearch cluster running (Blue)
  • Your new OpenSearch Cluster (Green)

After you restore, you just have to switch the Clients/consumers URL (Elastic, Kibana)
So you will have parallel infrastructure running
This is to reduce the Down Time near to Zero

2) 30 days ???
Well, for me, you don’t need to wait this long, maybe he just advised you to take some time to double/triple check your data in the new cluster. Check if Logstash pipelines are working correctly for instance, or ingest nodes…