Migrating from Elasticsearch to OpenSearch version 1.3.x

Versions (relevant - OpenSearch/Dashboard/Server OS/Browser):

Migrating Elastic Search 7.10.2 to OpenSearch 1.3.7

Describe the issue:

I have take a snapshot of Elastic Search and that snapshot is using to restore in OpenSearch. I am getting errors. Please suggest to solve this migration issue as soon as possible.


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Try restoring to a different name than “.kibana_1” then re-index it into the index name you want? Sounds like there is a mix of mapping issues and possibly older index, recently I had to re-index a few system level indices as a pre-req for an upgrade.

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Dear Jasonrojas,
I have take the snapshot of elastic search and now i want to restore in OpenSearch version 1.3.7. can you please gave me the steps to restore. i am executing the curl commands from the console ( terminal).
i need to stop the service of elastic search before restoring to Open Search. and what next steps needed please suggest me.


I have migrated the Elastic search 7.10.2 Snapshot to OpenSearch 1.3.7 & Kibana to OpenSearch Dashboard but when i login to portal i did not find any saved searches, visualizations, and dashboards are present. Please help me to solve the issue .

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You need to reindex all the user indices, e.g. through a cross-cluster reindex or with a different name and then reindex to the correct user-index

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