Missing API endpoint for getting dashboard iframe url

Versions (relevant - OpenSearch/Dashboard/Server OS/Browser):
Opensearch: 2.10
Dashboard: 2.10

Describe the issue:
I need to include some dashboards in my webpage. I would like to use iframes to do this, but the problem is, that I need to get the links dynamically (since there are multiple dashboards to choose from). I checked the public API of the dashboards, but I did not found any endpoints, that I could use. I also checked Kibana’s documentation, but the result is the same. What would be the correct way get the iframe links dynamically (programatically)?


Relevant Logs or Screenshots:

As per the documentation below, there is no endpoint in order to get the iframe links programmatically.

You can create a feature request at the link below:

Thank you for the infromation!