Metricbeat can't connect to opendistro elasticsearch

Hi, i have issue on metricbeat
i use metricbeat 7.10.0 and opendistro 1.12.0, after install metricbeat service can’t connect to opendistro elastic

i try downgrade metricbeat but issue still exist

2020-12-24T17:41:33.268Z INFO elasticsearch/client.go:743 Attempting to connect to Elasticsearch version 7.10.0
2020-12-24T17:42:25.177Z ERROR pipeline/output.go:100 Failed to connect to backoff(elasticsearch(https://production-opendistro-opendistro-es-client-service:9200)): Connection marked as failed because the onConnect callback failed: This Beat requires the default distribution of Elasticsearch. Please install the default distribution of Elasticsearch from elastic_co, or install the oss-only distribution of beats
2020-12-24T17:42:25.177Z INFO pipeline/output.go:93 Attempting to reconnect to backoff(elasticsearch(https://production-opendistro-opendistro-es-client-service:9200)) with 30 reconnect attempt(s)

please can you help me for solve this issue

problem solve after i change standard metricbeat docker image to metricbeat oss docker image
you can check this link bellow for change metricbeat oss docker image