Memory Used indicating by OpenSearch Stats API(/_nodes/stats/os?pretty) is referred to which resource (i.e. container, pod, node) in k8's cluster?

The below is the response got from Stats (/_nodes/stats/os?pretty) API and it is indicating the below values
“mem” : {
“total_in_bytes” : 4294967296,
“free_in_bytes” : 32768,
“used_in_bytes” : 4294934528,
“free_percent” : 0,
“used_percent” : 100
which resource (i.e. container, pod, node) the memory is referred to in the above response?

@boomigkp as per documentation [1]:


    (object) Contains statistics about the operating system for the node. 

      (object) Contains statistics about memory usage for the node. 

I suspect if the OpenSearch run inside container, it should be reported against the container (as per Thank you.

[1] Nodes stats API | Elasticsearch Guide [7.17] | Elastic