Logstash Opensearch Input

Versions (relevant - OpenSearch/Dashboard/Server OS/Browser):
Latest. Deployed in docker containers.

Describe the issue:
I’m trying to create a new Logstash pipeline which uses the OpenSearch input plugin. Seems a fairly simple setup, but some reason I’m getting the following error:

PKIX path building failed, unable to find valid certificate path to requested target

I have other OpenSearch outputs that are working, so bit confused why this is broken?

Any idea of what to check appreciated.

@jim45515 Did you try the following option in the opensearch output?

ssl_certificate_verification => false

Hi, yep I tried that but that results in a new error of:

'Unable to configure plugin"

From searching the github code I dont think ssl_certificate_verification is a valid parameter

Do anyone have any sample code that actually works?

@jim45515 Did you mind OpenSearch input or output?

This relates to input. I have the ouput one configured and working well.
I thought that would work the same but there numerous differents, from example the input one does not like https:// within the host name…

I’m guessing the problem is that where I have set ssl_certificate_verification to false on the output, there is no abilaity to do this with the input plugin, hence it fails.

@jim45515 Could you share the Logstash config file?
I’m only aware of the OpenSearch output plugin but not the input one.

@jim45515 It looks like there is one.

I’ll try testing it.