Login problem Invalid character in header content [\"securitytenant\"]

Hi, when I try to log in I get an error 500, as in the attached screenshot, I see an Invalid character error in the logs in the kibana, the problem concerns only a few users from the active directory. Has anyone encountered a similar problem?

Hi @Piotr_Kacperczyk! Congratulations on your first question in our community. At first glance, I’m not quite sure what’s going on here. If you’re willing to experiment a bit we could probably figure out enough to file a descriptive and helpful bug.

In regards to your question, yes, I remember someone asking about a similar issue, and they had narrowed it down to user names that contained chinese characters. If you could provide more information, I would appreciate it. I’m specifically curious about something - do the certain users that don’t work contain non-US letters?

Just a hunch.


Yes, they have non-US letters in their first name and Lastname in AD, logins have only US letters. But today I crated test user with username aoec.lac with first name Ąóęć and last name Łąć and this user is able to login without any problem

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Well that sure narrows my hunch out. Let me see if I can find some additional help for you - it’s still not apparent to me what’s going on. There has to be some difference between the users that are allowed to log in and the ones that fail. Are they in different roles? It looks like your LDAP server is throwing a 500? Is there any way you could check the server side ldap for errors in its logs?

In the meantime, I’ll ask around to see if anyone has encountered anything similar. Sorry I couldn’t be of more immediate help.