Logging out from kibana UI(integrated with keycloak) results logouts all the applications UI


We have two apps(Test1 and kibana) integrated with same keycloak user.
When we login to Test1 app with the keycloak user and in another tab we open kibana it automatically logins,It is because of Single-sign-on(SSO) session.
Now there are two cases:-

  1. When we logout from Test1 app and refresh kibana it does not logout we can perform any operations on kibana UI.
  2. If we logout from kibana it automatically logout from Test1 app.

From the above obsevation we find that when we signout from open-distro kibana chart it logouts all the session. But if we logout from other UI(not integrate with od)it logouts only the current session and other applications UI remains open.

Could you please explain the above behaviour , is that Expected behaviour?

any updates on this?

Hi @prashant

Just to be clear on this question. You’d like to know why your app doesn’t log you out from all tabs including Kibana or how Kibana can log out all the sessions in the same browser?

Hi @pablo

Thanks for the response.

We have multiple UI applications (along with kibana) integrated with keycloak for authentication.

When we login with a user ‘testuser’ to kibana UI, on browser, it automatically allows login to other applications as well by virtue of single-sign on feature of keycloak.

After that if we logout from any of the other applications, it logs out all other applications successfully but kibana remains logged in. It allows to perform the operations on the kibana UI.

Even If we login to the kibana UI with testuser and logout/terminate the sessions of this user from keycloak admin console, even then kibana does not log out.
Please refer the below query we also faces the same issue


Any updates on this ?