Live tail configuration

Versions (relevant - OpenSearch/Dashboard/Server OS/Browser): OpenSearch 2.3.0 AWS managed, Brave v1.48.158

Describe the issue:
I have two date fields (indexed_at and timestamp) is it possible to select which one will be used by the plugin? At the moment it uses indexed_at when sending requests from UI to backend, it suits me, but I don’t know if it may change later if I don’t specify the field explicitly.

My idea is to use indexed_at to query the backend and timestamp for sorting, because otherwise I can miss some documents if document become searchable even 1 second later than timestamp due to the nature of plugin queries to backend. But it doesn’t work out, because live tail request appends sorting by indexed_at.


My query: source = nonprod-dev5-log-2023-02-23 | sort - timestamp

When I click refresh button UI sends this:

source=nonprod-dev5-log-2023-02-23 | where indexed_at >= '2023-02-23 10:24:24' and indexed_at <= '2023-02-23 10:39:24' | sort - timestamp

When I click live with 10s interval UI sends this (appended sort):

source=nonprod-dev5-log-2023-02-23 | where indexed_at >= '2023-02-23 10:40:03' and indexed_at <= '2023-02-23 10:40:13' | sort - timestamp | sort - indexed_at

At the moment I don’t believe so. It uses whichever is defined as the time field from the index pattern.

That sounds like its the perfect candidate for a feature request. I can imagine a lot of people would be interested in that as well.

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