Timestamp bug when aggregating

Using opensearch container (2.11.0)

When I create a transform job, it executes perfectly, but there is a bug in the fact that it convert the data from date time to timestamp in milliseconds, and it makes the visualization tool useless.

I aggregate the data for timestamp every 15m (the data are originally every 10s).

The transformed data is saved in a new index, the problem is that when I try to visualize the data there is no way to use the timestamp for the X axis.

Maybe is also a bug In the visualization plugin, but I posted here because for me is more important to maintain the date time as format.

I should clarify that in the Transform tool it still shows the times correctly, it is just fucked up underneath:

I also include 2 screens from the discover tool of the transformed data:

and the original data:

Hoping it can help you.

Thx for the help.

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