Legacy vs "new" SQL engine?


I am new to OpenDistro and have great interest in your SQL plugin. Thanks for your work.
I saw there seems to be two different SQL engines: a “legacy” and a “new” one.

Is there a way to “force” one version or the other in a configuration file or directly in a query ?

And what is the roadmap of the new engine ? What does it bring ? What will it include ? I am especially interested in spatial functions that seem to be part of the legacy engine. Are they planned to be ported to the new one ?

Hi @mhugo, I just added a section here to clarify: GitHub - opendistro-for-elasticsearch/sql: 🔍 Open Distro SQL Plugin. More design doc will be pushed later. Eventually all features would be migrated to the new engine. During this migration, queries for features not migrated would fall back and be handled by the legacy as before. So your current queries, ex. spatial queries, would still work. Thanks.