Latest Version: OpenSearch 1.3.0 or OpenSearch 1.3.1?

On the OpenSearch home page (, it indicates that the current version is 1.3.1. However, there is no release 1.3.1 listed in the GitHub release list; the latest release listed is 1.3.0. However, I do see a 1.3.1 tag listed in the GitHub tag list.

Looking at OpenSearch Dashboards, things are more consistent, the latest GitHub release is 1.3.0 and the latest tag is also 1.3.0.

All of which is a bit confusing. What is the official “current” version? Should there be a OpenSearch 1.3.1 (GitHub) release? Or, should we ignore the GitHub releases and just focus on the tags?


1.3.1 is the current release. the “release” for it on GitHub seems to have been forgotten. see and

I also found 1.3.1 docker image on Docker Hub.

Hello! The latest release of the full distribution is 1.3.1. This could be an oversight but I would defer to @sayaligaikawad here.

@kavilla is right. The latest release of OpenSearch and OpenSearch Dashboards is 1.3.1 version and the GitHub release has been updated now.