Latest OD is 1.2.1 or 1.3.0?

Latest OD is 1.2.1 or 1.3.0 ?
Please announce latest version of Open Distro for Elasticsearch!

opendistro-1.2.1 release

Release Opendistro v1.3

I consider the releases page, but in practice for GNU/Linux I am dependent upon what I can download and install with the package manager of that particular distribution.

Latest OD is 1.2.1 at Debian package.

vagrant@ubuntu-bionic:~$ sudo apt list |grep opendistro

WARNING: apt does not have a stable CLI interface. Use with caution in scripts

opendistro-alerting/stable,now amd64 [installed,automatic]
opendistro-job-scheduler/stable,now amd64 [installed,automatic]
opendistro-performance-analyzer/stable,now amd64 [installed,automatic]
opendistro-security/stable,now amd64 [installed,automatic]
opendistro-sql/stable,now amd64 [installed,automatic]
opendistroforelasticsearch/stable,now 1.2.1-1 amd64 [installed]
opendistroforelasticsearch-kibana/stable,now 1.2.1 amd64 [installed]

Yeah, it would nice if there was some kind of roadmap or something for those of us using this product. I greatly appreciate all the work being put for sure but it’s very confusing as to which version is the latest or what’s being worked on. The new index management stuff looks awesome, but it’s part of OD 1.3.0 “family” I guess. I’d upgrade my stuff in a heartbeat to 7.3 and start using OD 1.3.0 if I could grab everything easily.

Hey All,

Apologize for the confusion here. ODFE 1.2.1 is the latest release. We are planning to release ODFE 1.3.0 early next week (which aligns with Elasticsearch 7.3). ISM (Index State Management) will be released as part of ODFE 1.3.0. We look forward to your feedback on ISM.