Kibana Stability issues

So, I’ve been facing this issue for quite sometime now. Kibana behaves quite awkwardly. There are few points that I will highlight over here…

  1. When navigating to the Visualisations page on Kibana, sometimes I see the list of old visualisations that were created instead of the new ones. However, if I refresh the page or restart ES or logout , they disappear and I can then see the correct visualisations that I created. Although, refreshing the page or restarting ES doesn’t always help.

Before refresh/logout:


  1. On the dashboard, all of my visualisations fail to load and show a message inside each visualization container that says “could not find the index patter with xyz id” although the exact index pattern already exists and with the same index pattern ID too.
    Before refresh

After refresh

  1. When I try to create a new visualisation and select the index patter, it shows me an error page saying index pattern not found although it exists under stack management menu with the same id.

  2. Sometimes pages just go blank, example if I click on discover, it will show me a blank page!

  3. Same thing caching/old data issue also occurs when I try to add a visualization to the current dashboard. One time it shows the older visualizations (which I deleted a while ago) and other times it shows the correct ones.

All of this is very frustrating!

This sounds to me that your Kibana is connected to Elasticsearch cluster that have one rouge node that is not connected to the cluster. You can have a cluster in green state even if you have one or multiple nodes in your network that are not connected to the cluster.

I would make sure that the cluster health reports the correct amount of nodes, consistently. I would also double and triple check that this the same amount of nodes that I have provisioned.

If I am not able to find the issue I would then run /_cat/indices seperately against all my nodes and compare the results.

I would also check my kibana configuration to see which elastic nodes it has configured.

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Ok. For now, I deleted everything from saved objects under stack management and recreated everything.
Things seem to be fine for now.

If that works in the long run my hypothesis is wrong.

Hi. The issue has occurred again. A typical use case is as follows.
Every morning when I try to read the stats via. Kibana Dashboard, it says that the index pattern wasn’t found and hence navigates to the index pattern page. On this page, sometimes it doesn’t show the already created pattern at all, whereas other times, it does. It’s quite random. I have to refresh the page multiple times though.
However, even if it does show the index pattern, it still does not show the dashboard page and keeps redirecting to the index pattern page.
It’s basically after I keep refreshing the page and after multiple attempts, the dashboard finally appears properly. This happens everyday. How should I go about fixing this issue?