Kibana Monitoring Logins Internal Users & LDAP

Hello guys !
Just wondering if it’s possible to monitor, have some kind of logs, about the logins to the Open Distro ?
I would like to know which user is trying to login.
Right now it’s just never telling which user tried to log in, or successful logins.

Thank you for the good work !

@ThibaudF the successful logins are disabled by default, to enable use the blow lines in elasticsearch.yml file:

opendistro_security.audit.config.disabled_rest_categories: NONE
opendistro_security.audit.config.disabled_transport_categories: NONE

Please note that the audit log configuration is done via kibana UI from version 1.11.0

Hi :partying_face: !

I’m actually working on upgrading my ELK platform from 7.3.2 to 7.11 (opendistro-1.3.0 to 1.13.0).
I will try to add them up.

Thank you for the reply !