Audit Logs for OpenDistro


The problem is the following. I have followed the instructions in Audit Logs - Open Distro Documentation
But it seems that this part does not work:

After this initial setup, you can use Kibana to manage your audit log categories and other settings. In Kibana, choose Security , Audit logs .

I do not have Audit Logs tab in Security window.
Also I am not able to find Audit Logs.

My elasticsearch.yml has this settings:
opendistro_security.audit.type: internal_elasticsearch
opendistro_security.audit.config.index: “'elk-test-audit-'YYYY.MM.dd”
opendistro_security.audit.ignore_users: NONE
opendistro_security.audit.enable_rest: true
opendistro_security.audit.enable_transport: true

I am running OpenDistro version
Please help.

The “Security, Audit logs” tab is only available from 1.10.1 version.

Ok, thanks. But what about Audit Logs? I still don’t have AUTHENTICATED, GRANTED_PRIVILEGES, etc. logs?

@Kain_Nillian The below lines needs to be added to the elasticsearch file:

opendistro_security.audit.config.disabled_rest_categories: NONE
opendistro_security.audit.config.disabled_transport_categories: NONE

Hope this helps