Kibana left axis scale in TSVB after upgrading to 1.12

I have a few Time Series Visual Builder based visualizations in Kibana showing CPU and RAM histograms (CPU in % and RAM in absolute values). In 1.10 I used before the left axis scale was automatically adjusted to the units (percentages in CPU and GBs in RAM). After upgrading to 1.12 CPU scale became 0-1 based instead of % and RAM scale is now bytes instead of Gb (see the screenshots). Any idea?


Even i am also facing same issue. Please let me know is there any changes required to do ?

It looks like a bug in Beats or Kibana. I overcame this by applying a simple workaround - for every data series I defined the format for the data (in my examples Gb for RAM usage data and percentage for CPU usage data), e.g.


I also defined 100 as the Axis max value in Panel options

I tried but i am not able to get the y-axis to Percentage even after applying it. I think it is the issue with the Kibana version.

My bad. I forgot also to mention another important change I did - you need to normalize the values according to the units you want to have on your chart. For example, for memory usage chart I want to show the values in Gb (while the respective system.memory.* fields in metricbeat index are stored in bytes), so the transformation via bucket script can be done like this:

The same trick I did with percentage fields (e.g. for chart with CPU consumption) - fields like system.cpu.idle.norm.pct store values as number between 0 and 1 (0.5 means 50%), so I similarly adjusted them accordingly

I hope it helps.

HI ,

Still we can’t able to add the y-axis correctly as to align to data. Please provide me some suggestions.