.kibana index is empty

We had an ES+Kibana instance set up a few months back on AWS and it was working fine. Last week I restarted it for a Snapshot backup and noticed the ES and Kibana instances were down.

When I started them up, they were only binding to the local IP and i updated the config file and got them accessible from outside.

But then I noticed all the dashboards we developed were gone and the .kibana index was empty.

How could this happen and is there a method to recover the index. I do have an old snapshot I took just after setting everything up which I already restored and still the same result. Empty index

Hi @Chris, I would suggest to open a case with AWS Support so that we could officially investigate it.

Hi @Chris - If this issue you’re seeing is on Amazon Elasticsearch Service (AES), then please file a ticket with AWS Support.

If you’re running into this issues with Open Distro - then please let us know and we can help triage. Please provide more details about your setup.