Kibana - Alerts - Searching monitors with a dash or hyphen doesn't fetch monitors


We’ve a good number of monitors defined through Kibana OpenDistro Alerting.
The issue that I am facing is with search/filtering monitors that have a dash or hyphen. Please note that they work just fine in terms of alerting and notifying.

I am unable to search with a keyword that has ‘-’ in it.
Here’s a test monitor I’ve created - "test-monitor_with-dashes"

Is this a known issue?
Since it allows us to create monitors with these characters, shouldn’t search/filter work accordingly?

Appreciate any help towards this.

Prashanth Sripathi

I think is an API convention non official or at least not listed on the documentation but as we can see in the documentation all names follow this format

 "name": "my-name-non-official-format-but-most-people-do"