It is an ip type field, but the type is double in the search results


When using ip type field in group by in SQL search, the following error occurs.
“failed to load column with type DOUBLE”

POST /_opendistro/_sql
“query”: “select src_ip from network_traffic where src_ip=‘’ group by src_ip order by src_ip”

“schema”: [{
“name”: “src_ip”,
“type”: “double”
“total”: 1,
“datarows”: [[“”]],
“size”: 1,
“status”: 200

Field Mapping
“src_ip” : {
“type” : “ip”

Hi @GamjaPower, thanks for reporting the issue! I wonder which OpenDistro SQL version were you using? Because I can see there was an issue with 2 PRs to fix: IP field types are currently not supported. · Issue #272 · opendistro-for-elasticsearch/sql · GitHub.