ISM manully move

Hello, please can I manually move index to next step in ism?
I reindexed many indices and they are now in hot state, but I want to have them in warm. Thanks.

Hi @vnovotny98,
you can accomplish with just some clicks on the Dashboard. (I assume that you have the Version 2.X installed)

  1. Method
    First you have to start on with the Indices on the Tab Index Management → Indices.
    Here you can check if the reindex Indices are still mapped with a ISM.
    If not you can do this by “Apply Policy”.
    After that you can have a look at the Managed Indices Tab.
    Now you can click on the right upper Corner the Button “Apply Changes”.
    With Managed Indices can you select the required Indices
    State Filter allow you to apply your changes only to Indices that are on the hot Node.
    You can apply a new Policy with “New Policy” or you can select the old one.
    Lastly the Radio Button is enabled that you need.
    Check “Switch indices to the following state after the policy takes effect” and then the State the Indices should be moved to.

  2. Method
    You can create a new ISM for the reindex Data with the default State warm.
    After that you can switch to the Indices Tab and and check the Box of the necessary Indices.
    Then on the upper right Corner you can apply a new Policy.
    Let some time pass by and the Indices will automatically move to the next state

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Thank you!
I am trying, I have everything set but when I click to Change - nothing is happening - no error, no response.
But I am using version 1.3.3 :slight_smile:

Hi @vnovotny98,
i am sorry for my late response.
Is the name of your hot State “hot*”. I think this could be the Problem if this is not the case.
Concrete i mean your Configuration on the “State filters” Part.

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You are right!
I had red line under hot, so I thought its wrong typed
and it advises me to add a star
but it worked :slight_smile: