Is Upgrading from 2.3.0 directly to 2.11.1 supported?


If I’m to use the ‘Cluster restart upgrade’ methodology is OK for me to upgrade from v2.3.0 directly to v2.11.1?

Or do I need to upgrade to v2.4.0 then 2.5.0, then 2.6.0 then 2.7.0 then 2.8.0 then 2.9.0 then 2.10.0 and finally 2.11.1?

I cant really find any documentation saying either way should be done or avoided.

Many Thanks

@SearchingForCam you should have no issues going from 2.3.0 directly to 2.11.1

Thanks. Just to follow up.
It did work successfully doing a full cluster shutdown / upgrade method.

I had a few good learnings along the way though.
For example:

  1. The gateway.recover_after_nodes and other gateway.* settings are actually deprecated and also create more headaches than they prevent.
  2. Dont try just start the masters without the data nodes. This is because the security indexes are likely on the data nodes… However it have been related to an issue with the gateway.* setting I had.

Anyway, all done and upgraded now.